George Lawrence Thomas "Jack Attack" Grobe IV

This is the second year here in the department, working on my PhD. I plan on the academic route and seeking a tenure track position once I have my degree. I focus on political economy of the Progressive/WWI era. My dissertation compares and contrasts private-private integration in weapons procurement before, during, and after the First World War. I did my BA at the University of Toronto and my MA at the University of Chicago.

As a historian, I feel most comfortable as a lecturer and as a researcher. Teaching, working summers as a tour guide, and theatre means I have no issue talking in front of a crowd. My consistent problem is turning research into a deliverable project, I honestly just love the research too much for its own sake. For this class, I have two goals: 1) to learn new programs and digital tools, 2) learn how to utilize digital history more efficiently for proposals and teaching, and 3) work on adapting and focusing a long-term project into a digital map. That project is a database of the shipwrecks in the Great Lakes, which I would like to turn into a digital map.


Enjoy this terrifying anti-Blair Poster