Tyson Luneau

My name is Tyson Luneau and I am a first year PhD student in the history department. My primary areas of interest are in Modern Russia and Modern Europe, with a focus on comparative empire. I previously taught social studies at the middle & high school levels for five years before arriving to UAlbany.

As a historian, I feel strongest as a writer and researcher. That being said, I am working to improve my understanding of the larger historiographies of my respective areas of interest, as well as my ability to frame texts within the larger historiography.

My primary interest regarding digital history is in the creation of educational materials and crafting tools to enhance learning experiences in history, as well as ways to aid students in learning research skills. I am interested in curriculum design, and I believe that having a grasp of digital methods will be beneficial in that area. In terms of digital skills, I have some familiarity with the (very) basics of HTML, as well as moderate proficiency in Excel. I would like to learn more advanced aspects of web design, as well as more intricate usage of databases. I do believe that I am a quick learner when it comes to all things digital, so I am excited to dive into the coursework!