Kristian "Jack... sorry , Kristian" Price


Hi! My name is Kristian Price and I am a second year PhD student at UAlbany.

My work focuses on the transatlantic slave trade and environmental history in the 17th and 18th centuries. I feel that I am a competent worker in traditional history, but I am looking to improve my professional and networking skills especially. Writing and researching skills are always a work in progress, but I definitely need to work harder at meeting others in professional settings.

I am a relatively fast learner with digital skills and technology, although I have no formal instruction. Since I was such a huge nerd in high-school I used to modify and re-balance video games as a side project. In addition, I have done some audio editing with Audacity and worked on a blog with several of my friends.

I am hoping to become much more knowledgeable in anything related to digital history. I am looking to teach in academia one day, and digital skills are going to become more and more important moving forward, especially with my focus in environmental history.