Librarians? Witches?

Who are the crazy cat ladies?

by Scarlatte28 (who is totally NOT a witch)

Witches have been secretly living in our society for centuries. We usually imagine them dancing naked in the woods, casting spells on innocent people, and keep evil black cats as pets.


Today, witches are more clever in their disguises. They walk amoungest us as librarians! Instead of dancing naked in the woods, they shevle books with huge black rimmed glasses. They still cast spells. And everyone knows, librarians have tons of cats!

The evilness of librarians are no joke. Even writers of the popular TV show, "Parks N' Rec", tried to warn us. However, the level of comdey gold over powered the truth about libraries.

Parks N' Rec Library

I guess it's not all bad.

Without libraries, what would happen to society?

So support your libraries and librarians. Even if they are witches.