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Infographic Assignment

Due: Thursday February 28

Using Piktochart or Infogram, create an infographic based on a historical Wikipedia article of your choice. See this Pinterest board for some examples of history infographics.  Your team should identify interesting or important numbers, people, locations, quotes, or other information to highlight.  The purpose of this assignment is to visually summarize a scholarly argument.  You should use as little text as possible while communicating a unified idea or argument as clearly as possible.

Your team’s infographic must:

  • Have at least three distinct blocks of information
  • Include a combination of words, images, graphics, and numbers
  • Use fonts in 3 hierarchical levels to denote importance
  • Include a linked citation to the article your infographic is based on
  • The post must be tagged with your team’s name and the name of your Wikipedia article

Post your infographic to the course blog using the “Infographics” category.  Include the image file of your infographic as the featured image.  In the post itself, reflect on why you selected particular images, facts, or numbers to contextualize your article’s topic or argument.  What choices did you make to draw attention to the most important information? Was there anything you wanted to include but couldn’t, because of space, lack of information, technical constraints, or your own skills?

Adapted from Bill Wolff’s Infographic Assignment

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