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First Day of Class

Dr. Kane has to be out of town for our first day of class, so in lieu of our normal first day of class meeting, please review and complete the items below. Paper syllabi are available in the History Department office. The reading/assignment schedule and course policies are also available online.

  • Download the software or create the accounts listed in the course requirements post.
  • Make an introductory post in our course Slack channel.
  • Read the articles assigned for January 24 for your degree track (Everyone = undergrads, MA and PhD students, Grad = MA and PhD students only). Post about your thoughts on the readings in the #readings_discussion Slack channel. You can respond to the discussion questions I’ve posted, post your own questions, or discuss other aspects of the readings. Please post your responses by the end of our normal class time, 11:35 on Tuesday January 24.
  • Begin the Basic HTML & CSS assignment. This assignment is due Thursday January 31, so try to get through Lesson 1 and at least part of Lesson 2 by our next meeting on Tuesday January 29. We will discuss any problems in class on Jan 29, so it will be helpful for you if you have attempted a large part of the assignment.
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