Networks: Jeffrey Aldrich

In this week’s Networks tutorial there are many interesting factors that stand out while studying the edges between the different members of the church congregation.

The first question to address is how these networks of church members change over the years 1735-1745. The first two major variables to assess over time are the change in the quantity of networks and the change in the overall size of each network throughout the decade. There are essentially three primary phases in the data set. The first is at 1734-1735. This period is represented by a minute number of networks with a minimal number of edges and nodes. The second phase runs from 1736-1739. At this point, two larger networks have formed with smaller networks scattered throughout the periphery. The number of edges and nodes has also largely increased. Lastly, the final phase is from 1740-1745. At this point the two larger networks, seen in the previous phase, have joined together, and there are several, smaller networks throughout the periphery. This phase also contains the largest number of nodes and edges.

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