1: Over time, individual clusters are brought together with other clusters through connectors. What interested me was that while some individuals were strengthening their networks smaller clusters were forming outside the main networks. Over time these are slowly brought into the larger network through connectors, like William Corry Esqr. Other big connectors were John Wemp, Esras Teganderasse, Aron Oseragighte and Anna Clement. Some of these brought groups together then their number of connections decreased relative to those around them. There names began to blend in, with some exceptions, like Anna Clement and Esras Teganderasse and Michael Montour who seem to be who are holding the two large networks together.

2: The two show that different people are central to the networks when compared by high betweenness centrality and network sized by degree. Similar to my answer in number three which I wrote first, some individuals who know a lot of people and have built up large networks around them are not as visible in high betweenness centrality. They are not the only ones who connect people. Individuals around them are making their own connections to those also connected to the central individual. It appears that individuals who were prominent in the early 1730’s lose it over time as more people become more connected and we see some individuals become more prominent over time, taking the place of the earlier individuals.

3: In the networks based on clustering, the individuals who stand out our Anne Clement, William Prentop Jr., William Mill, Aron Oseragighte and Cornelius Thanighwanege. These show the networks that are centered around these main individuals. When focused on high betweenness centrality most of these individuals are less prominent or even “invisible’ amongst the networks. Therefore, these individuals may be connected to a lot of people, but their connections are more complex and interconnected. Individuals like Anne Clement is not only connected to a lot of people but she is also the sole connection between many in her network. Even if her overall cluster is smaller than some other individuals her importance to the network is stronger. The small networks, when seen over time by adding years, shows how the small groups built up around the individuals and how they started building connections amongst themselves. As we add more years they begin to branch out to other clusters. Again, many of the people who show up as being strong in the cluster function are not as prominent as connections were built over time.