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Networks 1: Reupload

As you add more years the number of nodes and connections increase dramatically. You can see how each person interacts with those around them. Elizabeth Wemp and Isaac Wemp are two of the nodes which receive a considerable amount of ‘in degree’. Anna Clement and Abraham Canostens Peterse are two more who bridge the connections of the smaller nodes into the larger network.

Two of the major nodes when sizing by betweenness are Ezras Teganderasse and Anna Clement. These two appear to be the main nodes bridging the gap between the two halves. While Anna remains one of the largest nodes when filtering by degree, Ezra, while continuing to stay important, sees his size decrease.

When we go ahead and cluster, Anna is the largest contributor with 19%. Ezras, while still holding strong, is now absorbed into the much larger network of Aron Oseragighte at 16%. If the option of clustering had not been presented to me, I would never have attributed Seth Sietstarare Karihoge or Cornelius Bownen to having large networks. This method of clustering makes it much easier to see all the different connections.

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