Text Analysis

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    Intro to Text Analysis

    Due: Tuesday March 12

    Approx. 300-500 words and 3 embedded visualizations.

    Select a set of 4-6 terms to investigate (hint: use the major words that appear in the Cirrus wordcloud to identify prominent terms and your knowledge of 19th century slave narratives to make productive associations). Using one of the visualizations covered in this lesson (Trends, Bubblines, Cirrus, and Links) and the two additional tools not covered in the lesson (Loom, Streamgraph, Knots, Microsearch, Scatterplot, and Mandala), brieflydescribe how your terms appear in each of your visualizations.

    What are some additional questions that your visualizations provoke which might be investigated further through close reading?

    You may optionally get started on the Intro to Topic Modeling slides, but we’ll cover these in class if you don’t get to them.

    You may optionally complete this assignment in teams of up to three. If you complete this assignment as a team, each team member needs to complete the team evaluation form separately.