Post Guidelines

When it’s your turn to post, give your post a title and hit enter to begin writing your text.  A title is required for all posts, including assignment posts.

Your post must include a “Read More” break after the first or second paragraph.

To post on your assigned day, you must be logged in to the course site; posting options are available on the far left of the dashboard space under “Add New.”  You may also start a post and save it as a draft to finish later without publishing; you are the only one who can edit your posts.  You don’t need to include your name or “by XYZ” in the text of your post, as your username will appear under the title once it’s published.

Posts must be in complete sentences and you will be graded on correct punctuation and grammar.

To include a link in your text, type some text, highlight it, and click the link icon in the toolbar above the highlighted text.

Paste or write your link into the box below and click the arrow to the right to create your link.  A pretty link looks like this.  You should not simply paste a link into your text like this http://2019-dh-practicum.maevekane.net/category/tutorials/ which will result in a poor grade for your post or assignment.

To add an image to your post, click the plus icon to the left of the cursor and select “Image block.”  To find an image if you don’t have one from your own work, use the Images section of Course Resources to find a public domain or fair use image.

Select an image from your computer to upload, drag and drop from your desktop, or select a file from the media library of previously uploaded images.

To format your image, select “Width: 100%” in the right sidebar.  All images and embeds must be 100% for posts and assignments.

To finish your post, select the “Document” tab in the right sidebar and select the assignment category.  You may not leave the post uncategorized.  You must select a category for your post and uncheck “Uncategorized.”

When finished, hit the blue Publish button on the top right.  If you’re not finished, you can hit the “Save Draft” button above publish, in which case your saved post will appear in the list of “All Posts” on the far left of the dashboard when you want to come back to it.

You may compose the text of your post in an offline writing program, but be aware that software like Word sometimes includes strange formatting when you copy and paste in the post field.  To avoid this, right click in the post field and select “Paste and Match Style.”