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Intro to Networks I

Due: Thursday February 28

After you complete the slides above, post a short (approx 300-500 words) post answering the following questions from the slides:

How does the network change over time as you add more years?  Who are the major connectors who bring small sub-networks into connection?

How does the network compared by betweenness centrality compare to the network sized by degree?  How do the large nodes sized by betweenness compare to the people who connected subnetworks when we filtered by year?  Are they the same people?

How do the patterns formed by clustering compare with the individuals who have high betweenness centrality?  How do they compare with the small networks that formed and connected when we filtered by year?

You may optionally complete this assignment in teams of two. If you do, each team member must fill out the team assignment evaluation.

Update 2/27: If the website hangs on clustering, you can see the clusters here.

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