Basic HTML & CSS Assignment

Due: Thursday January 31

For this assignment, you will need a text editor.  I recommend Atom, Sublime Text, or Komodo Edit (not Komodo IDE).  These are all free and easy to download.  Do not try to do this assignment in Word, Google Docs or other wordprocessing programs.  Word processors add extra formatting information that will mess things up.  Text programs like Notepad and TextEdit should also be avoided.

For the text for this assignment, you can use your answers to the Intro post, your CV, a little blurb about yourself, whatever you like.  You’ll also need an image that you can upload online.

If you get stuck or want to chat about your awesome color palette, comment in the #htmlcss Slack channel.

Lesson 1: HTML

Lesson 2: CSS

Lesson 3: Uploading your HTML & CSS files to WordPress

Your page should include:

  • At least three colors
  • At least one header (h1, h2, h3, etc)
  • At least two divs with different classes which are styled differently
  • At least one link
  • Something with a border
  • Something with padding
  • Something with margin
  • Two Google fonts: one for the body and one for the header
  • At least one image

Extra credit:

  • Ask a question in the Slack channel
  • Answer someone else’s question in the Slack channel
  • Be the first to post your files
  • Figure out how to do something which is not mentioned in the lessons!
  • Make the eye-burning ugliest page possible, as voted by your classmates.

Comment below with a link to your page once it’s uploaded!  Use your new coding skills to write a pretty link using <a href=”[link text here]”></a>!

Please let me know anonymously if there’s any way this lesson format could be improved for you.

Adapted from lessons by Miriam Posner and Jarah Moesch.