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Review: The University at Albany Campus Buildings Historic Tour.

The University at Albany Campus Buildings Historic Tour is a site that allows for the user to learn about the history of the campuses. This includes former campuses, downtown campus, Alumni Quadrangle, Uptown campus, and East campus.

The way the site operates the information is devoting a section to each area of UAlbany with various amounts of posts in each section. Each post for a building includes a picture, along with a short write up to describe the history of the building. The write ups are definitely the strongest aspect of this site. Each blurb is very informative, but also succinct which allows for the user to not get bogged down on any one page. Navigation on the site is simple as the interface allows the user to easily click on the section they want to learn about.

In terms of sourcing, the site does not include citations or information on where the information displayed on the pages came from. As this was a site created by the University, it should be seen as trustworthy, but it would be useful to include citations and links that not only further establish the legitimacy of the site, but allow the user to have access to more information if they so desire.

The site is interactive in the sense it allows for the user to navigate through the various pages, but is not as interactive as other pages. Despite providing quality information, the site is fairly bare bones in terms of its layout and interactions. As this does not seem to be a grand project in terms of scale, the layout of the site works for a project like this. The only problem I had with the site was the Uptown Campus section was unfinished as it is being currently developed. The Uptown Campus section will surely be an integral part of the site, and will add a lot of information and context to the pages once it is completed.

Compared to other projects, the Campus Buildings Historic Tour is not intended for a widespread audience. However, it is still very useful for those that are interested in the campus and its history. This could appeal to alumni, Professors at the school, New York, Albany residents, local historians, and historians interested in the history of education in New York State.

Despite not being the most aesthetically pleasing webpage, the University at Albany Campus Buildings Historic Tour provides valuable information about the history of the campus and its buildings. The advantage of a web page for a project like this is the ability to display images and the pages in an easily navigable format for the user. This page still has room for potential growth such as the inclusion of more pages, updates to the layout, and more interactive parts such as maps. However, overall this page is very informative and I learned a lot about the campus that’s been my home for the last five years.

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