Networks Analysis

Networks Analysis Project

1)First, by viewing the expansions of networks by year it is apparent that the church congregation is expanding and becoming increasingly complex. As we filter through the earliest years, we see growth develop in two distinct ways. The first comes through the addition of what appears to be independent family additions with little or no connections to the larger congregation as is the case of the Tegedoonrek, Cannasswanes, and Tagwanagon clusters of 1735 and others in later years. The second seems to come through the addition individual connectors which form connections between disparate groups as is the case of Aron Oseragighte in 1735 and William Pentrop in 1738.

2) When looking at the network with the nodes sized by degree closeness and the same network sized by betweenness centrality, there are both important similarities and differences. Sized by degree closeness, there are significantly more large nodes, and those nodes are also similar in size. The largest of these being those who previously brought linked disparate groups in the previous answer. Both Oseragighte and Pentrop maintain some of the larger nodes. When sized by betweenness centrality, some of the early connectors remain the largest nodes but the number of large nodes drops significantly. Most of the largest nodes here include some of the most well-connected individuals from the early years, Esras sr, Ezras Teganderasse, and Anna Clement are all larger than Oseragighte and Pentrop.

3) In analyzing the patterns formed by clustering, one of the connections I saw was that the nodes that were largest when filtered by betweenness centrality are the connecting points between clusters. For example, Esras and Ezras Teganderasse are not clusters in and of themselves they serve as connecting points for their respective clusters. Form this we also see that the early connectors within the network form the base of the clusters. These early connectors, like Anna Clement (of whom Pentrop is an early contact) and Aron Oseragighte form the largest of the clusters.

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