Class Session

Last day discussion

Start with the question, the archive, or the tool?

Your goals (the reason you are doing the research),

Your conceptual framework (the literature you are working in, your field, your experience that you draw from),

Your research questions (a set of clear statements of exactly what you are studying)

Your methods (broadly conceived as the way you are going to answer the question, so for historians both the archives/sources you will work from and their perspectives are relevant as well as the way you will sample/explore them, and the actual techniques you will use to analyze and interpret them)

The validity concerns and threats (literally, answers to the question “how might you be wrong” where you work through inherent limitations and biases in your methods, sources, perspective, etc.)

How to get a project off the ground

  1. What were you most concerned about this semester?
  2. Where did you improve the most?
  3. How did you improve?
  4. What are you most comfortable with now?
  5. What are the limitations of your platform?
  6. How did you prioritize?
  7. What’s the minimum viable product?
  8. Where will it live long term?

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