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  • Maeve Kane

    It looks like the path to your css sheet isn’t correct–you’ll need to specify the full path at (Unless you want to put your final project up elsewhere–the university had limited free hosting for students, so that might be an option if you want to put this on a resume in the future) Likewise the word.jpg will need its full path in order to show up.

    More explanation of what the DPLA is and where these images come from (eg, cataloged public library collections) would be helpful. Why do you think some places turn up more frequently than others? Are these the major tourist destinations, or the major population centers, or something else?

    The vast majority of your images seem to be photographs–is there any pattern in where there’s photos vs where there’s other kinds of images?

    You’ve got a typo in the adkdataartists link down at the bottom of your main page, so it doesn’t lead where you want. Why that guy? Are there going to be others?

    I’m very impressed with the click to expand js you’ve got on your artist page! It would be helpful to have some kind of indication that the images can be expanded. You may also want to play around with the positioning and color of your close button, since it’s hard to spot at first. It would also be helpful to have some text explaining why those images–out of 900, why’d you select the ones you did? What do they illustrate about your main argument?

    On your tableau dashboard, you can customize your filters (right click or click the little down arrow)–the date one in particular would make more sense to have a slider to page through time. You’ve also got a lot of options in medium that could be grouped together (right click medium where it’s listed under dimensions, Create > Group, then group things together in the menu that comes up. This will make a new Medium (group) in Dimensions, which you can then put into filters instead of regular Medium)