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    ADK Mapping in Tableau Embed

  • Final Proposals

    Final Project Proposal: DPLA Adirondack Data set

    My data set is composed of entries pulled from the Digital Public Library of America relating to the search term “Adirondacks.” Each row contains the link to an image, what organization contributed the image, the subject of the image, the image’s original creator, the medium, and a description of the image’s content. Not every entry contains all of this information. The images come from many sources, but the majority of the content comes from the Adirondack Museum and the New York Public Library.

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    Intro to Networks

    When looking at only 1734, Mary Butler seems to be well-connected with other nodes. Her connections grow stronger in 1735.  Once the data for 1740 is included, Mary remains the largest node, therefore the most connected, but the diagram grows increasingly complex. Once the data for every available year is included, Mary Butler is still the largest node.

  • Visualization Guide

    Data Visualization: Stacked Area/Stream Graphs and Matrix Plot Graphs

    Stream Graphs and Stacked Area Graphs

    Stream graphs and stacked area graphs both represent data in similar ways. A stacked area chart represents data on an x- and y-axis, and each item is represented by a band of color. In these visualizations, the areas are “stacked,” allowing the viewer to compare the areas and see the totals. For example, the chart below shows the revenue per capita – essentially, how much a single person might spent in each given year – on each music format.

  • Project Critiques

    Project Review: The Overland Trails

    American Panorama: Overland Trails. https://dsl.richmond.edu/panorama/overlandtrails/. Created and maintained by the Digital Scholarship Lab, University of Richmond, https://dsl.richmond.edu/panorama/overlandtrails/#loc=5/-5.200/0.330&date=1/1/1840. Reviewed February 3,2019.

    This project highlights both the differences and the similarities between the journeys of various travelers in their journeys on the Overland Trails. Many people chose to pursue a new life in the west between 1840 and 1860, and this project attempts to explain the context surrounding these migrations.