Rough Drafts

Pirate Trials Rough Draft

Opening paragraph will have brief history of piracy and the documents used for this project.

The map will ideally link to the documents themselves.

The second part is to analyze the documents themselves. My original text analysis idea does not seem to be panning out. Therefore, I need to reevaluate and rework my initial project.

One Comment

  • Maeve Kane

    How’s the text analysis feeling since we last spoke?

    For the map it would be helpful to see your dots sized by number of records (drag number of records to the size card under marks).

    For your sentences, it might make sense to group similar sentences together (eg, all the “6 years house of corrections” ones) since right now they might as well be listed individually and it’s difficult to make sense of. You can do this by ctrl-click on several items, then right-click “Group.” I would also filter out your unknown sentences since they’re such a large chunk they overwhelm everything else; you can note that it’s only known sentences in your writeup.

    You don’t have a ton of trials, but you have some interesting trends in your outcomes–the only people who were witnesses for the crown were charged with robbery, never piracy. Is that a plea deal? You’ve also got some interesting trends in your not guilty verdicts–any correlation with where people were tried? Looks like the only act of 1820 convictions are in Charleston.