Rough Drafts

Shipwreck Map – Rough Draft

This map is the locations of shipwreck incidents (accidents that ends ship careers. It is not a map of shipwreck resting places.

After that is a link to a map of the build sites for wrecks organized by year of construction:

hAnd finally is a link to wreck accident locations (same as first map) but this time with scaled size dots to indicate the death toll of an accident:

hFor the final project, each these section will be written up along with background on my project and my plans moving forward. Mainly that is going to be continuing to check and clean data, and making new maps with different categories.

One Comment

  • Maeve Kane

    Remember you need to have an argument for the final project! What’s the argument you’re making here?

    Is there a reason for having a different default zoom on the third map? Your visuals are very striking, and having a consistent default across all of them would help highlight your differences. You may also want to disable the “show history” option–as it is, paging through the dates gives a very *wow* effect of each decade having more and more wrecks–except that it’s because all previous wrecks are still shown, so it’s hard to see the difference decade to decade. I’d also move your sliders either to the top or bottom of your maps, so that they’re long and horizontal, rather than squashed to one side.

    More info in the tooltips would be good–do you have wreck cause and/or nationality? That would be helpful to give some context with what’s going on in the region (eg, War of 1812, American Revolution, etc). Do you have any rough numbers on how much shipping there is on the lakes over time? I assume there’s more shipping in the 1980s than in the 1880s, but you’ve got a big change in the number of wrecks between 1920 and 1940. Safety features?

    In the 1850s wrecks you have an odd little cluster right around the international border in the middle of Lake Erie–any idea what’s up with that?

    Do you have any way of telling how old a ship was when it wrecked? ie, do older ships wreck more? Is there a bell curve of ship lifetime?

    Check the scale of your dots on the lives lost–they top out around 100, so it doesn’t look like there’s much difference between a wreck with 90 casualties vs one with 280 casualties.

    I’d like to see some non-map visualizations–what’s lives lost vs ship age look like? Nationality of ship vs number of ships lost? Are there cities with more ships lost or more casualties? Number of casualties vs wreck cause vs manner of sinking?