Help adding images

When I attempt to add images to my map I get this error message (see second image below). Has anyone else experienced this? Any suggestions on what to do?


  • cmeyer

    I ran into a really similar issue, and I discovered that tableau is not a fan of links that don’t start with “https”! Not sure if it’s the same issue, but maybe it will help if you make sure all image links start with that? Hope this helps!

    • acpartridge

      It automatically adds that to mine. The weird thing is that it will automatically take me to the page but it still shows the error sign. Thank you for the suggestion though!

      • Maeve Kane

        Might be the fact that it’s pdfs, mine crashes every time it tries to open the link in Tableau. Try editing your action so that the link opens in a browser. You might just not be able to embed a pdf because they sometimes try to download.