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    End of term feedback

    I take your feedback on this course very seriously! The university will have general course evals open later this week, but your feedback on some questions more specific to this class will be very helpful for me. Your name, email, or IP address is not recorded with this form, and I will not look at responses until after grades are submitted.

    I would also appreciate your time identifying your classmates who have been the most helpful for you this semester. This form does ask for your name, but I will not identify anyone’s responses to anyone else in class. I will use your responses on this form for bumping up grades of anyone others in class found particularly helpful, but no one will be penalized based on these responses.

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    Tableau Update for Whales!!!!

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    Trouble with Dual Axis on Tableau

    Hello Hivemind!

    Prof. Kane and I (mostly Prof. Kane) are having trouble filtering one axis on this dual axis map. Any suggestions?

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    ADK Images demo

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    Dashboard Filters in Tableau

    Here is my in-progress dashboard. As we briefly talked about in class, I’m trying to make the bar graph interactive with the map filters.

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    ADK Mapping in Tableau Embed